Watered down drinks instead of nice chilled ones? Tongs too slippery and inefficient? Dirty hands grabbing ice? Our solution to these problems is the Drain Scoop. The Drain Scoop allows you to drain the water from ice before you put it in your drinks; all drink, no water!

A simple, yet ingenious design

The magic of the Drain Scoop ice scoop is the unique slotted design that keeps ice in and lets water out - combining the dry-ice of tongs with the speed of a scoop, ending the plague of watered-down drinks and the annoyance of using tongs or worse, your hands. The ergonomically shaped handle lets you use the Drain Scoop with minimal effort necessary. It is long enough to help you reach all parts of a large ice bucket, yet narrow enough to fit inside small pint size containers as well. Additionally, the materials that make up the Drain Scoop are a very durable, lightweight, and stunning aluminum and a sturdy, food-grade, and colorful plastic. We offer one size in aluminum in a beautiful polished finish. In plastic, we offer two different sizes and four fun color options: blue, red, yellow, and black!

Watch the Drain Scoop in action

Who can benefit from The Drain Scoop?

Hotels & Caterers



Bars & Nightclubs


Party Hosts and Hostesses


Outdoor Venues


Most of all, anyone who enjoys a nice drink!